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SAN JOSE, ROMBLON –   Known as the “Marble Capital of the Philippines”, I don’t know much anything else about this province aside from what my elementary teacher taught me.  The yet-to-be-discovered beaches of Carabao Island should put Romblon more prominently on the tourist map.
Come to think of it, location alone makes it an easy sell – Carabao Island is just a half an hour boat ride away from Boracay Island, the country’s pride and a mecca for beach lovers. Carabao Island is located at the southern tip of Romblon, while Boracay is at the northern tip of Aklan province.
CALATAGAN, Batangas –   The Calatagan Golf Club is one of the oldest golf courses in the  country and famous for its lush landscape of Kalachuchi trees lining up its fairways, and many more varieties of flowering plants that dot the entire property.
In response to global warming, the course (part of what was once the Punta Baluarte resort enclave here) has been quietly making an effort to counter effects of environmental degradation while helping uplift the livelihood of the local folk.