Jericho Rosales is one hyperactive human being. In a recent press launch by Pepsi, he nearly tripped while going down the stairs to introduce himself. During the Q&A, he constantly raised his hand to answer almost every question.

But during a brief impromptu interview, the actor simmered down a bit for some light conversation to talk about his new “love”. No, it’s not a new ladylove (or if showbiz scribes are to be believed, that young actress he’s paired with in the upcoming “Panday” telenovela) but actually four guys – with instruments.

He talked about his new band, inexplicably called Jeans. “It’s a brand new love. It’s a feeling you can do everything you want…you can express freely,” he says in a tone that somehow reminds me of a monologue straight from a TV commercial.

So how did this feeling start? In Mr. Panday’s own words, it all started with a journal – his journal. The actor met and became friends with a guitarist, who found out there is enough material in the former’s journal that’s just waiting for the right music. Other band members were soon recruited and Jericho describes, laughing: “Para akong nakahanap ng apat na katulad ko.”

Jericho is evidently the band’s voice and carries the group on his shoulders. The band was jamming one day and found itself guesting in a TV show the next day – probably a perk to having a celebrity fronting your band. But the actor says they’ve done live shows for a minimal fee that’s afforded start-up bands and added he’s willing to play in small bars even if showbiz buddy invites him to play at Ratsky.

To prove he’s really serious at his newfound passion, Jericho produced the band’s yet-untitled album himself, with the able help of some friends. In the process, he says he has learned valuable lessons about the music-making process, like protecting your ideas from being stolen. The band has submitted samples of its songs and is currently looking for a distributor.

So how does Jericho managed to record an album in the middle of his showbiz commitments, especially when his Panday location shoots take him as far as Ilocos and Bohol? “It’s like lunch and dinner, you always have time for lunch and dinner. Breakfast, sometimes you can miss it but not lunch and dinner. I have to make time for it otherwise I go crazy,” he says.

That lunch-and-dinner metaphor isn’t lost to the people at Pepsi, which has gotten him to be the brand’s endorser for the second straight year, alongside rocker Bamboo, Cebuano karting champ Matteo Guidicelli and model Nicole Hernandez. Pepsi has capitalized on the actor’s passion for surfing, which resulted in several TV commercials, including an artsy video directed by photographer Jun De Leon n collaboration with BBDO, Pepsi’s ad agency in the Philippines.

So is it really a predilection for any young actor to start a band? Diether Ocampo, Jericho’s cohort in the mindlessly-named group The Hunks, has his own band, also inexplicably called Blow. But Jericho claims he wanted to sing in a band ever since he started becoming an actor. After filling up what could be a thick journal, it’s about time he turns to music for release.

“I’d like to express myself in in a way na makikita nila kung anong gusto kong sabihin, maintindihan nila kung anong klaseng tao ako ,” he says quite earnestly. Asked how his band’s music sounds like, he points to a mixture of funk, alternative rock and a bit of John Mayer-like tunes. Girls, get ready to swoon.