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MAKATI CITY –   A common love for sneakers and fashion drove eight college friends together to put up their own store. Nestled in cozy Perea Street in Legazpi Village, Commune is sort of an antithesis to much bigger retail outlets, and looks more like an art gallery for sneaker fiends.

MAKATI CITY, METRO MANILA –   Cecile Licad is arguably the greatest living Filipino pianist. But what is truly endearing is that she continues to prove that appreciation for classical music is not only limited to the educated elite.

SAN JOSE, ROMBLON –   Known as the “Marble Capital of the Philippines”, I don’t know much anything else about this province aside from what my elementary teacher taught me.  The yet-to-be-discovered beaches of Carabao Island should put Romblon more prominently on the tourist map.
Come to think of it, location alone makes it an easy sell – Carabao Island is just a half an hour boat ride away from Boracay Island, the country’s pride and a mecca for beach lovers. Carabao Island is located at the southern tip of Romblon, while Boracay is at the northern tip of Aklan province.
CALATAGAN, Batangas –  As a sport, golf is largely defined not only by its players but the environment where they play. To a certain degree, golf courses – like Augusta, the site for the U.S. Masters tournament – are as famous as the legends that have played on its greens.
CALATAGAN, Batangas –   The Calatagan Golf Club is one of the oldest golf courses in the  country and famous for its lush landscape of Kalachuchi trees lining up its fairways, and many more varieties of flowering plants that dot the entire property.
In response to global warming, the course (part of what was once the Punta Baluarte resort enclave here) has been quietly making an effort to counter effects of environmental degradation while helping uplift the livelihood of the local folk.
ILOILO CITY – Having existed for more than three decades now, this bakeshop has become more than just a one-stop shop for pasalubong but a must-see place for people visiting Iloilo.
MANILA – How much is a four-decade old Filipino band worth nowadays? Apparently, at least 80,000 New Zealand dollars if you’re talking about the Apo Hiking Society.

MAKATI CITY, METRO MANILA – What started out as an “accidental” business by three college friends is now is now a proud clothing brand that champions local artists and their designs.

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CEBU CITY – When it comes to food, Cebu is famous for its “sugbahans” that serve an array of grilled meat and seafood. But if you’ve had your fill of barbecue and want to veer away from all that smoke, head towards Abaseria Café and Deli for a much-needed reprieve.

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Fit to a tea

Not all kinds of tea taste bitter. And not all varieties of tea are dried leaves in form – attention Lipton enthusiasts. A visit at Tea and Therapy should set the facts straight and more.

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